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If you’ve been browsing our collection of new and used vehicles, you’ve probably already considered trading your current model. Independently marketing your vehicle can get time-consuming and troublesome. Between shady buyers and bad deals, you could lose out on plenty of value. When you trade your vehicle with Brooklyn Mitsubishi, you’re setting yourself up to get the best possible value for your car. Get your value by using our Value Your Trade tool and bring that number to our dealership in Brooklyn, NY to upgrade for a great price!

Up to $3000 Over Book Value for Your Trade-In*

*is based on Mileage and Condition

Getting the Most Out of Your Vehicle Trade

A huge variety of factors can affect the value of your vehicle. Some of these are out of your control, like the changing of seasons or the current reputation of the automaker. However, you can still make a difference by investing in a few touch-ups before trading your vehicle. A general vehicle detailing can go a long way, and the cost usually offsets itself with an increased return on your investment. Making sure all four tires match is also a great detail, and all-season tires can net you even more cash. Also, when you trade your vehicle, there shouldn’t be any emergency lights on the dash. This indicates your maintenance is up-to-date, meaning your vehicle has a higher potential of resale. Ask our vehicle experts for more advice on how you can get the most out of your current car, truck, or SUV.

Upgrade to a New or Used Vehicle

Auto technology advances each year, and if you’ve had your current model for a while, you’re missing out on some of the most impressive features. Trading your vehicle is the first step of investing in a new and improved model. Our sparkling new Mitsubishi models are supported by manufacturer warranties, and our certified pre-owned vehicles have been inspected inside and out. When you buy a vehicle from Brooklyn Mitsubishi, you can rest assured that your upgrade will be a satisfying improvement.

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If you’ve been crunching numbers trying to fit a new vehicle payment into your monthly budget, you know it can be difficult to plan for this impactful purchase. This is especially true if your credit score is less than perfect. While other dealerships might turn you away, citing your poor credit, Brooklyn Mitsubishi will work with you to find the auto loan you need. We scour countless credit vendors across the Tri-state area until we find the auto loan that fits your budget perfectly. To get pre-approved for financing, fill out our secure form. A financial expert will be in touch to get you started on the next steps!

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Brooklyn Mitsubishi is Ready to Buy Your Vehicle

Since 1998, we’ve been helping the people of Brooklyn find the vehicles of their dreams. Trading your vehicle with us is easier than ever before. Value your trade before you arrive and bring that number with you to price negotiations. Our friendly representatives will be sure to get you the best possible deal. We’ll see you soon!

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