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Sell Your Vehicle in Brooklyn, NY

Not sure what to do with your current vehicle? Sell it to Brooklyn Mitsubishi to trade it for cash quickly! If you’re unsure of how the process works or why you should even sell it, then let Brooklyn Mitsubishi answer all of your questions.

Why Sell to a Dealership in Brooklyn, NY?

When you sell to a dealership, you’re able to get a fantastic cash offer for your car the same day you bring it in. This saves you not only time but hassle and effort of putting up flyers, advertising, and giving strangers test drives in your vehicle. The only effort involved on your end when selling to a dealership is bringing it in. We take care of the rest of the process from there.

How Does the Trade-In Process Work in Brooklyn, NY?

When you’re ready to trade in your vehicle, you’ll want to use our trade-in form on our website. Enter some contact information and some basic information about your vehicle, and we’ll get you an online estimate of what it’s worth. Then, bring your vehicle to us, and our experts will appraise it in more detail for overall quality and condition. Then, we’ll make you a cash offer that very same day on your car, which you can either accept, decline, or negotiate. If you accept, you can put that cash right in your pocket or towards the price of a new or used car, but you don’t have to make a choice that day.

Upgrade to a New or Used Car in Brooklyn, NY

If you do decide to put the cash given for your car towards an upgrade, then check out our inventory of new and used cars at Brooklyn Mitsubishi to see what you like. Our expansive inventory houses new and used Mitsubishi models, all set at fair prices, but we also have plenty of pre-owned options outside of Mitsubishi. Explore our new and used inventory at Brooklyn Mitsubishi to see how you can upgrade.
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How to Get More Money Out of Your Car in Brooklyn, NY

What can you do to up the value of your car before you trade it in at Brooklyn Mitsubishi? One of the best things that you can do is to give your car’s inside and outside a clean and a wash. Another thing you can do that will increase your car’s value is get a minor tune-up or buff out any dents or scratches. Making sure that you have plenty of documentation and a clean title is always a plus.
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Why Shop at Brooklyn Mitsubishi?

At Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we offer plenty of ways to shop more conveniently, including free Lyft and Uber rides as well as shipping directly to you. If you’re a business owner, then we have plenty of commercial vehicles in our inventory to help get your business up and running. Our VIP Program allows customers to earn rewards and get even better deals on our already well-priced vehicles, so see discover all of the ways that you can shop better with us.

Sell Your Car in Brooklyn, NY

Contact us to get the process started of selling your car for cash today.

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