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Mitsubishi Leases Brooklyn, NY

Are you looking for a new Mitsubishi vehicle, but looking for an alternative financial option over the traditional method? Then we have good news for you! Here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, we offer the opportunity to lease a new Mitsubishi vehicle!

If you are unsure what leasing a Mitsubishi entails, we are here to help you understand this alternative financial option. Leasing a new Mitsubishi with us here at Brooklyn Mitsubishi involves the following:

  • You will provide a down payment and make monthly payments (which can oftentimes be lower than what you pay when you finance the traditional way).
  • You will have a set number of miles to enjoy each year.
  • You will return the vehicle after a certain amount of time (typically 36 months).
  • When the lease is up, you can either buy the vehicle if you loved it – or you can lease a different vehicle from us!
  • Is Leasing a New Mitsubishi Vehicle Right for Me?

    Leasing a new Mitsubishi is actually a great choice for Brooklyn and NYC residents for a variety of reasons. Many of our customers come to us to lease a new Mitsubishi because:

    • They typically use public transportation for daily commuting but want to have a reliable vehicle ready for weekend getaways or road trips (planned or spontaneous).
    • They spend part of the year in NYC and the rest of the year elsewhere.
    • They need a certain vehicle style that will suit their current needs but anticipate that their lifestyle will change in a few years and will need a different vehicle to accommodate those changes.
    • They love the Mitsubishi brand and enjoy driving the newest models.
    • And much more!

    If you have any questions about leasing a new Mitsubishi vehicle, we invite you to visit our dealership today! We are located at 5910 Church Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

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